Academic Program Information System (APIS)

The Academic Program Information System (APIS) includes undergraduate and graduate-level degrees approved by the Board of Regents to be conferred by NSHE institutions. In addition, certificate programs of greater than 30 credits and skills certificates of 9 to 29 credits leading to industry licensure or certification are included. Skills certificates of less than 9 credits leading to industry licensure or certification are included by exception.

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Program Status Institution Program Name Program Credits Award CIP Code Name of Credential Exam Date Approved Program Notes
Active NSC Psychology BS 42 2003-05-01
Active NSC Secondary Education BAEd 13 2002-04-01
Active NSC Secondary Education BSEd 13 2002-04-01
Active NSC Speech Pathology BA 51 2003-08-01
Active NSC Visual Media 120 BAS 50 2015-06-11
Active NSC Visual Media and Computing BS 10 2003-06-01